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Finding accurate information on industrial fishing and its impacts can be daunting. Here are a few key documents and sources that are always useful- wether you're a journalist or someone who just wants to be armed with the facts.

Further down you can find press clippings on Brixham and Industrial Fishing in the town

Research on carbon released by the devastating fishing method of Industrial Bottom Trawling

Scallop Dredging is a highly damaging practice. 95% of our scallops are currently harvested in this way. It devastates marine ecologies as well as coastal communities with its negative effects.


Thank you to the journalists who have seen the importance of what is happening here in Brixham

Media outlets all have their own take on the issues of industrial fishing in Brixham and its implications. Here are a few clippings of how the issue has been seen nationally and locally - from Private Eye to The Telegraph, Fishing News to the Guardian.

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