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I am working on a range of exciting visual and literary projects,
exploring our global responsibilities and relationship with our world.
Keep in touch to join me on further adventures.



Words have a habit of appearing when you least expect them. As a result, there's a few literary projects bubbling away:

A galactic scale speculative fiction

A ‘what if’ thriller about today’s politician’s being held to account in a near future by wild county town states in a lawless South West corner of England.

A sequence of short poems titled ‘Honest Like Oil’, about the vortex of rich, syrupy lies that are sending us all to climate catastrophe.

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'Sublyricism' is the working title of a collection of large scale paintings that explore the mystery of our underwater worlds through freedom of colour. These are my 'underwater colour poems'. They work on the heart through the eyes - 'sublyrical' works for 'sublyrical' worlds.


"When you look close enough at a painting you see the tiny marks, imperfections and glorious contrasts of colour that make us all who we truly are"

"Everything ends in mystery"

Ray Bradbury, author and thinker extraordinaire


"It’s only through making our journey that we realise the kind of mystery we are in"

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